Fill-FLOTAC is a disposable sampling kit, made of polycarbonate amorphous thermoplastic, composed by a graduated container, a cap, a collector/homogenizer pole and a filter. There are two versions of Fill-FLOTAC: 2g that permit to analyze 2g of faeces and it is usually used for dogs, cats and human and 5g that permit to analyze 5g of faeces and it is usually used for herbivores.

The container, of both the two versions of Fill-FLOTAC, is high 70 mm and it has a capacity of 60 ml. It is graduated, semi-transparent, largest at the top (internal diameter = 48mm), fitted with threading (complementary with that of the cover for the hermetic closure); on the bottom has been realized a conical relief with the tip up to allow the step of homogenization of sample.

The cap, fitted with quick closing threading,  it is adapted perfectly at container allowing an hermetic closure.

On the cover there are two holes: one central for the collector/homogenizer pole and one lateral with a  screw cap for the passage of filtered sample.

The pole is cylindrical and it is long 80 mm, with diameter of 5mm. The upper end (handle) is slightly thicker, the lower part mounts the collector/homogenizer cone.

The collector/homogenizer cone has a volume of 2g or 5g (Fill-FLOTAC 2g or Fill-FLOTAC 5g, respectively) and it is adapted perfectly with the cone on the bottom of graduated container and it is useful to collect and homogenize the faeces.

The filter has a diameter of 43 mm. It is collocated in the lower part of the cap and presents a series of holes of 250 mm to ensure an optimal filtration of the faecal suspension.

The Fill-FLOTAC facilitates the performance of the first four consecutive steps of the Mini-FLOTAC technique, i.e. sample collection and weighing, homogenization, filtration and filling .

The Fill-FLOTAC allows to collect and analyze fresh stools samples, but offers also an opportunity to add fixative to samples and so you can analyze them not immediately after collection, as described in the protocols. It operates in a closed system and so allows, firstly, the protection of the operator from specific health hazards due to the manipulation of fresh stools samples and, secondly, offer an opportunity to processing samples not immediately after collection, but days or weeks after transfer to the laboratory. It allows a good homogenization of the sample, by crushing of the stool, putting a controlled pressure, with the help of a pole that allows to rotate the collector/homogenizer fitted with grooves and perfectly adaptable to the cone in the collector. A good homogenization of the sample with the fixative is essential to ensure that the fixative penetrates into the parasitic elements, particularly for  parasitic elements resistant to penetration of the fixative, as the cysts of protozoa.

You can find more informations on use of Fill-FLOTAC in “Manuals Section”.

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